Massarosa Data Center (Lucca)

Network infrastructure

Welcome Italia’s network, based on next generation networking (NGN), is the backbone of all Vianova transmission services and allows supplying TLC and IT services featuring the highest reliability and security levels.

The network backbone connects all areas of Italian national territory through high-capacity optical fiber circuits dedicated to Welcome Italia’s Clients.

Access network

Welcome Italy uses the best access technologies (xDSL, FTTC, FTTH, Radio, etc.) available in the area of their Customers’ sites and installs dedicated lines exclusively for Vianova services that are activated only after the successful technical testing of the lines.

Point Of Presence

The POPs (Points Of Presence) located in the area allow for the collection of the traffic of all the transport technologies and protocols (ATM, Ethernet, SDH, FTTx, Radio, etc.).
Voice and Data traffic is routed over distinct dedicated circuits, configured with guaranteed minimum bandwidth and monitored to ensure quality of service (QoS).

Disaster Recovery

The geographic redundancy offered by the two Data Centers of Lucca and Pisa ensures continuity of services even in a critical event (disaster recovery).
The two infrastructures are connected through 100 Gbps (10λ @ 10Gbps) capacity optical fiber bearing an IP/MPLS network with commutation times inferior to 150 ms.

Big Internet

The 40 Gbps connection that links, on diverse pathways, the MIX in Milan and NaMeX in Rome Internet Exchange Points to the two Data Centers, ensures high-speed connections to the Big Internet.
The direct peerings established at MIX, NaMeX, TIX in Florence and the major Italian telecommunications operators, facilitate the exchange of internet traffic between major national and international ISPs, allowing for reductions in the number of hops and latency times.

The numbers for the network infrastructure


locally and geographically mutually-redundant and synchronized Data Centers in the facilities of Massarosa (LU) and Pisa


ULL sites connected by fiber directly to the collection POPs


POPs (Points Of Presence) colocated on the Telecom Italia infrastructure for direct access to the ATM, Ethernet, FTTC, FTTH and PSTN networks connected by fiber and using a redundancy system of the two Data Centers


interconnections with the Collection Areas using a redundancy system of the two Data Centers


direct peerings with Autonomous System at MIX in Milan, NaMeX in Rome and TIX in Florence


x 10 Gbps (40 Gbps) circuits that link MIX and NaMeX to the two Data Centers


direct transits with the international carriers Telia, Cogent and Level 3 for the termination of the full internet routing table