Manufacturing telecommunication services

Our company offers integrated telecommunication services for the Italian market called Vianova, aimed at the true needs of businesses and inspired by a policy of insourcing.
Vianova is manufactured internally with the aim of integrating traditional web services, such as telephony and internet access, with online collaboration services such as CentrexWIP, MobileWI, MailWI, MeetingWI, FaxWI, DriveWI and CloudWI.

To offer “the best telecommunication services for your company” sums up everything that we at Welcome Italia strive to make a reality for you every day.

We don’t consider it, however, a mere slogan that accompanies our brand, but a true promise and a challenge that we strive to exceed, each day, together with you.

To uphold our promise we have developed a telecommunications infrastructure to connect your offices throughout Italy; and, along with over 94 Partner companies, have established a national network of telecommunications and information technology specialists in order to be closer to your support needs.

More than just the name of our offering, Vianova is also the name of many ancient roads in Tuscany that have guided and inspired men of great genius in creating many masterpieces of our time.
Our offer, too, is guided and inspired by the intelligence and contribution of thousands of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals who chose to travel a bit of their way with us.

With Vianova you can rely on a single supplier who is able to provide all telecommunications services necessary for the growth of your business.
Vianova is designed to adapt over time to changing needs and business size
so that when your business grows, Vianova grows with you.

“Supporting business growth by simplifying telecommunications” is a mission that we carry out with passion and expertise, and thanks to the trust that thousands of businesses place in us every day, we are today one of the major operators in the telecommunications business and rank fourth among companies whose capital is wholly Italian.

Our customers recognize the added value of the Vianova offering, which is enhanced every year with new services included in the price. We apply economic and supply improvements to all of our existing customers as they become available.

Vianova is an offering without asterisks – for an unparalleled transparency.

Trust in us.

Stefano Luisotti

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder