Customer Service

Working by your side means listening to your requests directly and taking charge of your needs without you having to waste time with recorded messages.

Our Customer Service works exclusively with employees, ensuring the quickest response times on the market: just three rings and an answer directly by an operator with no answering machines involved.


is the percentage of calls which we answered within the third ring in 2018

Average response times

Our Customer Service is divided into five business processes: Inbound, Outbound,Provisioning, Operation and Assurance.

Each process involves groups of skilled, specialized persons who ensure the best qualityof services to tackle and solve any technical, commercial or administrative problem in a short time.


  • answers your calls within just three rings
  •  supplies information on services available
  •  in case of failure, it opens an Assurance Case that is promptly forwarded to the company department involved


  • informs you about the technical and commercial developments of our offer


  • dispatches your orders within the agreed time schedule
  • updates you about the state of your order


  • caters to the installation of the equipment at your premises
  •  resolves problems at your facility that require the presence of a technician


  • checks the state of the network and, if possible, informs you in advance in case of failures
  •  caters directly to the resolution of technical network problems and at your company facilities
  •  supplies technical phone support to your networking and telecommunicationconsultants


  • in the event that all the Customer Service operators are simultaneously engaged in other conversations, your number will be stored and you will be called back within a few minutes
  •  Welcome Italia Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm and on Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at toll-free number 145
  • calls placed to 145 are free of charge – even from mobile phones
  • all Welcome Italia employees have indefinite employment contracts