Become a Welcome Italia Agent

10 good reasons to join us.

1. We work in a field that is strategic for the global economy

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a propeller of global economy.
Welcome Italia relies on a differentiated supply of services based on an In-sourcing policy. This means that goods and services are “manufactured” in-house, with a view to achieving full integration and streamlining clients’ Information and Communication systems.

2. The company is constantly growing

Welcome Italia has the economic and financial resources it needs to support its investments in the development of its organization and in growth.
In addition, its economic and financial results as well as its valuable shareholders that includes a national bank, are a guarantee of its excellent credit standing.

(figures expressed in thousands of euro)
2014 % 2015 % 2016 %
Turnover 33,950 100 37,571 100 40,001 100
Gross margin 21,719 64.0 24,448 65.1 25,732 64.3
EBITDA 9,152 27.0 10,629 28.3 10,746 26.9
Operating result 5,030 14.8 6,089 16.2 5,624 14.1
Result before taxes 5,149 15.2 6,239 16.6 5,631 14.1
Net result 3,422 10.1 4,310 11.5 3,916 9.8

In 2012, with a net worth of 19,2 million euro (43,8% of its assets), the company invested 8,1 million euro (20,2% of its turnover) in ITC infrastructures for improving the services available to its clients.
In 2014 Welcome Italia was chosen by the Borsa Italiana stock exchange to participate in the Elite project, reserved for Italian excellencies through growth and listings projects.

3. A widely known brand

Welcome Italia and Vianova are becoming increasingly well known in the corporate world, and our competitors often take inspiration from our communication strategies.

  • radio campaign896 commercials for a total of 32,704 seconds aired in 2016 on Radio 24, the national radio station most popular with managers and business people;
  • website3,32 million pages hit in 2016.

4. Easy to sell services

Vianova is Welcome Italia’s integrated ITC service supplier. A complete, clear and transparent answer to companies’ demand for really useful services.
Here are five simple reasons that 16.434 companies decided to use our services in 2016:

  1. because we deal exclusively with companies like theirs
  2. because we answer their calls within the third ring
  3. because each year Vianova enhances its offer with new services included in the price
  4. because we work by their side to assure their company the best telecommunication services
  5. because we are committed to earning and keeping their trust each day

5. You will earn good money on a fixed basis

Welcome Italia’s clients need the commercial support of helpful, skilled people to build and maintain a stable and fruitful relationship.
To strengthen this approach, we use the innovative “business partnership” formula so our Agents are certain they will be paid their commissions all through the duration of the agreement with every individual client.
In addition to monthly commissions, under our terms and conditions we pay a substantial bonus on each new agreement. Furthermore, when we enter into an agreement with a new Agent, we establish a minimum monthly salary together as an incentive to begin a new professional relationship.
In 2016, Welcome Italia paid 5.10 million euro (12.8% of its turnover) in commissions and bonuses to its sales staff.

6. Clients are loyal

Companies have a penchant for suppliers who treat their clients well, and at Welcome Italia we work hard, day in and day out, to earn their trust.
Inspired by the principles of Respect, Service and Excellence, over the last 12 months our commercial strategy has achieved a 92.19% loyalty rate.
An excellent reason to go back to your clients and offer them new helpful services, and ask them to recommend other companies, too.

7. We promote your growth

Welcome Italia’s vision answers the question “what are we building together?” with “a network of ethical, independent companies specializing in information and communication technology”.
That’s why we offer every single Agent of ours a chance to become Welcome Italia’s Business Partner, transferring and further enhancing the entire client portfolio.
Over the last four years, seven Welcome Italia Agents have become entrepreneurs, realizing their dream of setting up their own business. And without having to start from scratch.
Agents who reach certain goals are offered the chance to develop their careers by becoming Team Managers, a role that involves tutoring other Agents to support them in their growth and in the attainment of sales targets.

8. We invest in your training

Your first day at Welcome Italia will start with your attending one of its monthly one-week training camps in a first-rate hotel, all paid for by us and held by our company’s skilled managers.
In 2015, 71 training days were dedicated to Agents and Business Partners.
Every workday is a veritable day of training in itself, and you will be supported by our sales managers and sales staff (working from the headquarters’ Customer Service facility), with Project Managers helping you in drawing up and submitting the most complex quotations.
Value does not fear competitors.

9. We provide efficient instruments

Selling requires very sharp tools.

  • Vianova – 84 bound and color-printed large-size pages (23×34 cm). An important document where you can learn all about the services we offer, and a “quite unusual” brochure you can use during your presentations or give to your clients to consult at their convenience.
  • Sales – a web application created by our developers to monitor your sales opportunities, share information with the sales management or make precious benchmarks of your results with your colleagues.
  • iPad – take advantage of waiting times during the day to reply to your emails, update your opportunities, organize your agenda or draw up your quotations. When you return home, your job is done so you can spend time with your family and friends.
  • myBudget – a spreadsheet developed by our management control specialists to monitor the progress of your business and plan your sales and earnings with incredible accuracy.
  • Partner area – a dedicated area of our website where our Agents and partners can have access to full administrative details.

10. We are practical; we like to be informal

Welcome Italia is an organization on a very clear mission: “supporting companies’ growth by streamlining their communication systems”.
Our organization has been reduced to just two levels and is basically led by integrated IT processes. Answering “within the third ring” has become the epitome of simplicity for all of us, conscious of the fact that informal personal relations also help keep our company’s promise to provide “your company with the best information and communication services available”.

In 2013 Welcome Italia classified as one of the “Best Workplaces 2013”, the prestigious classification elaborated by the Great Place To Work® multinational that for over 12 years has rewarded deserving companies that feature the best working environments.

We are well aware that, for you, representing a company means putting your most precious personal asset on the line: your reputation.
In all of this, you can count on us.

How you can become a Welcome Italia Agent

Our ideal Agent comes from the sales of business oriented goods or services.
However, we are also interested in Agents coming from other backgrounds, provided they have strong relational skills and a deep interest in ICT.

If you wish to be contacted for an interview, please fill in this form.